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Portable folding brochure holders, cantilever leaflet dispensers, literature racks and collapsible literature stands..

Setting up the Zedup portable literature dispenser

Zedup folding literature stands are easy to set-up as you can see from this quick guide showing the A5 Zedup brochure rack.

Zed up A5

Place the literature stand on the floor then raise the unit by gently lifting the top tray.


Extend the unit to its full height and locate both the Zedup side supports into the base slots.


If the unit is a Zedup A4 there is a rotating locking tab which hooks over the horizontal bar to lock the base into place.

 Zedup A4 brochure stands have a rotating locking tab.

To lower the unit raise the unit until the supports are clear of the base then lower the unit into the closed position.

Zedup A5

Assembled A5 Zedup brochure stand ready for brochures


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Zedup A4, Zed-up A3, Zed up Lite and other portable brochure dispensers. 

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