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Twist Flexi Link Banner System

Here you can see some examples of Twist banner stands which shows the visual impact of linking banners using the Flexi-link kit giving the flexibility to create large seamless displays. 

The flexi link kits consist of a 550mm wide flexible graphic that allows two or more Twist banners to be linked to form a controlled curve to any angle you require.

straight link

Twist Flexi straight

2 or more banners are connected with a straight link

curved link

Twist Flexi Link 60

creating a 60 degree curved link

l shape join

Twist Flexi-Link 90

creating a 90 degree curved right angle link ideal for corners.


Twist Flexi Link 45

creating a 45 degree curved link.

convex connect

Twist Flexi Link 180

connecting two twist banner 180 degree 

S shape connecting panel

Twist Flexi Link S-Shaped

connecting two twist banners with a S-shape
Concave and convex curves are formed by simply moving the stands to create the desired exhibition space. The Flexi-link kit can be used again and again to form any number of configurations which can be extremely cost effective from one venue to the next, particularly when exhibiting at many different sized events.

More Twist products

Easy link

Twist Easi Link

2 or more banners are joined edge to edge in a straight line

Twist Media

Twist Media

Single Twist banner stand with media screen

Twist Banner Stand

Original Twist Single Banner

Single banner stand.

Twist Twin sided graphics

Twist Double Sided Banner Stand

Twin sided banner stand.
For more information on Flexi Link Twist Banners please call Expo on 01908 465501