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Twist banner stand setup

Quick and east to erect the Twist banner takes approximately 90 seconds to set up with graphic and lights. setting up twist

Very quick and simple. insert the lower poletwist baseThe outline for assembly is as follows:
Assemble the frame
Remove all the twist banner components from the bag and place the base on the floor the correct way up as shown. Take the bottom section of the upright and push firmly into black base fitting. Continue to build the upright by twisting the middle section to the bottom, then twisting the top

insert the middle polelightsection onto the middle. If you prefer before fixing the top section onto the upright you can fix the spotlight into the holes in the top cap, however this can be done at any stage of the assembly.

Hanging the graphic
Next take your graphic and unroll it. Holding the top of the graphic place the tensioning strip on the groove in the light cap, then place the two locating pins situated on the bottom mounting strip and slide into place. Move the tensioning strip so it sits central on the cap. 

Move your banner to desired position by holding the upright and lifting. Please take car whilst moving the banner in this manner. Never move the banner stand while holding the upright in the horizontal fashion.

Fitting the light
If you have not fitted your spotlight already take the light and plug it into holes situated on top of the cap. Please setup complete take care when moving the light and only hold it by the black moulded handle - not the light itself. Finally take the transformer and plug the two jack plugs into the side sockets on the cap. Within the extrusion design there is a channel for the flex. Plug the transformer into the mains and switch on.

The banner is now finished and ready for exhibiting.


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