Portable display plinths and exhibition counters

All display plinths and counters can be used with other Expo portable display systems for exhibiting and are available in a choice of different sizes and designs. Portable display counters are lightweight, easy to transport and set up. The Counterfix pop up counter system being modular is more versatile than the rest. Outdoor counters are ideal for exterior events and shows.

popup counter

Expo popup display counter

Expo popup display counter


Counta portable counters

The Counta is a very light-weight portable counter which is excellent for food and drink tasting and product demonstrations.


Portable outdoor counter

This outdoor counter is ideally suited to outdoor promotions and events. The base and top are durable molded tanks which can be filled with water for stability in high winds.

case to counter conversion

Case to counter conversion kits

A range of different popup display and exhibition cases which can be converted to counters, podiums or tables.

mini popup counter

Mini pop-up counter

This portable mini pop-up counter with internal storage is an ideal platform for laptops and visual display screens.








Data Pod

data pod



The V-Counter with integral shelving and lockable storage is ideal for applications where security is important.

Swipe Pod

Swipe Pod

The Swipe Pod portable display plinth with a special top option to incorporate a PC Tablet such as an Ipad

round display plinth.

Single round display plinth

Flat pack round plinths in a variety of different colours, height and diameter.


Eclipse exhibition counter

Ideal greeting counter

portable greeting counter.

Curved workstation

greeting counter

Portable podium and lectern

Portable Lecterns and Podiums

Portable lecterns and podiums for exhibitions, events seminars and conferences.

table and chairs

Cafe table and stools


PC Supreme

PC Supreme display counter

Flat pack PC counters are simple to build up no tools required portable display furniture. Constructed from a lightweight, durable rollup MDF tambour. Supreme pc plinths have a pull out keyboard shelf and optional cable management.

Double D

Double - d counter

Portable event table

urban physique counter

Urban computer desk

Portable desk for media screens, computers etc.

elan physique

Elan physique

Unique portable workstation or display counter.



Luna podium



Mercury tft





Promotor counter

This Promotor counter  for in-store promotions and exhibitions with many different options, shapes and sizes.These are excellent for registration and food or drink sampling
Contour Physique


Contour exhibition counters in four unique designs suitable for food sampling, tradeshows, demonstrations, presentations, seminars and promotions

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