File formats for pop up displays

We are Mac based and can accept files in the following formats: Illustrator, Quark, Freehand, InDesign and Photoshop, although we can accept various other Mac and PC formats, please contact us for more information.

Software not supported include MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint due to the ongoing development of vector based software such as Freehand and Illustrator, some effects created in them may not be compatible with our RIP (Raster Image Processor) and printers although we have not experienced any problems to date.

The preferred setup is in Quark at 1/4 Scale with 2.5mm bleed, all placed TIFFS, EPSs and Fonts supplied.

Please supply a hard copy proof or pdf; this will be used for placement purposes only not colour.

If you are supplying a file for more than one graphic panel, do not tile the image. Please supply one large image and we will tile the image to the correct size using our software.

Various types of media accepted include CD, DVD and Flash memory..

Colours and Resolution Requirements

All Eps and Tiff bitmapped images should be supplied in CMYK format at a resolution of 100 (minimum) dpi of the final print size.

If the bitmapped images contain text than this should be setup at 100dpi.

All vector-based artwork should be setup in CMYK - Spot Colours are approximately 90% accurate.

We suggest substituting colours from our CMYK Chart (available on request) to the required Pantone colour you want. This chart is printed on the same printer and media as the final job, so colours will be 100% accurate to what you have chosen.


We prefer to supply a pdf proof with every order, if this is not achievable due to tight deadlines we will print the file as sent with no guarantees, returns or refunds.

Guidelines for Submitting Artwork

All printers have an accuracy tolerance, our printers are accurate to + or - .02% over the final printed length- this can cause problems when the design has text and logos going across panels (see diagram below)

The shift in size usually appears at the bottom 1/4 of the drop and is sometimes about 1mm out (although according to machine specs. can be up to 4mm) Please avoid overlapping text and logos across panels if possible.

If this is not achievable we will print the panels as instructed with no guarantees, returns or refund.

artwork for popups


Due to developments in software, hardware, and media (printing film) it may not always be possible to reprint a new panel to match an old set of graphic panels.

If we are required to alter the resolution (from low to high), scan or alter layout, there will be a charge for computer operator time.

Scanning costs for other origination will be confirmed before  work commences.

Mac computer time for alterations, additions etc. charged as necessary


Please allow 4-5 working days for graphic production.

Important note

If you are purchasing graphic panels elsewhere for an Expo Prestige system it is essential that only Expo Display magnetic tape is used due to matching polarity.

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