Prestige pop-up panels

Expo Prestige frame with magnetic struts ready to hang the graphic display panels. If you would like your printed graphic panels to last you forever and look as good as the day they were printed it is very important to handle them correctly and master the technique of hanging them onto the pop up display frame. The takedown procedure is equally important.

       Read on and hopefully you will agree...

              ...Hanging Popup Display Panels is so Easy

Graphic panels are packed in the drum on castors as shown.
Note how the panels are packed into the Drum. All of the panel edges should seat on the bottom of the drum, not with the edges resting on the magnetic tape. This will damage the panels. ALWAYS ROLL THE PANELS WITH GRAPHIC TO THE OUTSIDE.

TIP: When rolling the panels roll from bottom to top so the double magnetic tape is in the right place when you start hanging your panels.

Remove one panel at a time. Handle the panels with care.
When you pack the panels, always put the Endcap panels into the drum first, as they are the last ones you hang. Also, ensure the double horizontal magnetic tape is on the top. This enables ease of use when setting up. When taking the graphic panels out of the drum roll them slightly tighter as you take them out and hold them this way whilst walking to the system.

popup panel hanging panel
Lay the roll on the ground holding the outside top edge. As you are raising the panel towards the top of the system, move your hands downwards, slightly curving the panels inwards, go careful not to nail print (dink) the panels. Prestige magnetic tape has very strong polarity, which assists you in hanging your panels in the correct place.

align horizontal
Now put the left hand edge of the panel to the top of the system, keep the magnet of the right hand side of the panel away to give you control of placing the panel in the correct place. The top of the panel is double taped, which grips the whole of the horizontal top magnetic strut.

panel graphic panel
The outside vertical edge shares the strut with the panel next to it. Aim the panel so the top is in line with the top of the horizontal struts and the vertical edge is halfway across the vertical strut. The Prestige magnetic struts will now take the panel from you. Carefully let the right hand side of the panel go to the system.

panel 3 aligning pop up graphic 2 panels hanging endcap Hanging an endcap panel. endcap panel popup endcap finished

Taking Down Prestige Panels

Remove Endcap panels first. As you are rolling them roll from bottom of the panel to the top WITH GRAPHIC OUTSIDE. DO NOT ROLL ALL PANELS TOGETHER, roll individually and pack into the drum ensuring edges are seated on the base. Then start from the right to the left and remove and pack the panels again one by one.

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