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Outdoor banner stands. What type of portable display stands can you recommend for advertising a large open air event I am planning?
When planning a large event to ensure maximum attendance, it is a good idea to advertise outside. Investing in some outdoor banner stands is a great solution.

Who uses outdoor banners?
Outdoor banners are commonly used for advertising efforts by a variety of businesses from small shops and garages to large stadiums and airports. Outdoor banner stands are frequently used by promoters of concerts, festivals, sporting events and carnivals.

Where is the best place to situate my outdoor banner?
The banner ideally should be in a high traffic area and visible to many people as they travel to and from work, shopping or while out walking. Banners are seen outside buildings everyday strategically placed in front of entrances, at public information points or outside cafes.

What are printed outdoor banners made from?
Most printed outdoor banner panels are made from vinyl, woven mesh or cloth and come equipped with eyelets so they can easily be hooked onto a building or a portable outdoor display stand.

How are outdoor banners attached?
Brass eyelets are used to hang the banners onto our portable stands. Rubber grommets are also used sometimes.

Can I buy just the outdoor banner system from Expo Display and get my banner printed at a local printers?<
Yes you can purchase the systems only but go careful when choosing a printer. The last thing you want is for the banner to tear in strong winds or for the colour to run and fade.

Have a look at the new Outdoor Bannerfix2 banner stand Can Expo display design my outdoor banner?
Expo do not really get involved with the graphic design work but can recommend several good banner designers.

I know what I want on my outdoor banner can Expo help?
Outdoor banner designs are best kept simple. Using your company logo and website, several bullet points and solid colours is all you need to get noticed and remembered. If you can supply high resolution images and logos and know the layout, fonts and colours you wish to use you can keep costs down. We charge a small hourly charge for artwork makeup.

The colour of my outdoor banner does not match my brochures?
Colours on your glossy brochures will not be a perfect match when printed onto large format sealed banners. Compare you brochures with company letterheads etc and you will notice a difference.

I have found an exhibition company on the internet selling very cheap outdoor banners, are they any good?
The quality of your outdoor banners is the most important feature to consider before purchasing. Your banner stands will be displayed outdoors, so they will have to be made of material which will withstand the elements. Sun, rain, wind, and snow can be very harsh on your printed banner stand.

I am organizing a large musical event in a field and want to have portable displays to direct all people in attendance. Do you have any suitable products?
Outdoor banner stands are made to attract attention for outdoor events. Keep the graphics simple with large colourful text and you will not be disappointed.

Is it it safe to leave my outdoor banner out in a storm?
Yes providing you have filled the base up with water and it has been setup correctly.

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