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Opto Popup Display Tower

The Opto is an impressive portable tower display system from Plex Display.

Easily assembled popup style frame with magnetic struts and magnetically attached loop nylon, frontrunner, prelude or graphic panels.

The base has fixing points to allow attachment to a turntable.

Optional internal lighting kit and selection of overhead spotlights available.

The Opto tower weighs only 11kg complete with a 300mm diameter carry drum for the system and panels.

Opto has 3 seamless panels at 2140mm(h) x 555mm(w), diameter of the cylinder is 520mm.

Expected delivery for the Opto display tower is normally 4-5 days after receipt of order and graphic approval.

Opto banners are no longer available.

tower assembly

Opto tower setup

If you have any experience with pop up displays you find this easy.
Remove the popup frame from the carry drum and fold out the three sections.
Raise the system up until all magnetic locking arms are connected.

opto setup

Attach the 9 vertical magnetic bars to the frame.
If you have spotlights fix them on before the final step which is to hang the panels.

Call for more details on the Opto Tower 01908 465501