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Mini Desk Maxi great for notebooks

Mini 750 and Maxi 900 Promotor Desk

MAXI and MINI PROMOTORS have been designed to work in conjunction with Original, Classic, Plus and Action Promotors. "Square" in shape, they are very complimentary to all these Promotors when in use. Maxi 900 has two main functions; the first where demonstration floor area is very restricted Maxi 900 because of its compact size, with or without header or shelf, is very popular, and space-saving in use. Second, being the same height as the other Promotors, except Champion and Bonus, it is a very useful "add-on" for extra working area. Mini 750 being only 750mm high is ideal as an addition to other Promotors when the static display of larger products is also required. Both Maxi and Mini Promotors pack into carry bags for easy transportation.

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rear storage space

rear view

Mini Header panel

single pole header panel for the Mini

food and drink sampling

Maxi and Mini pods


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