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Media 13 Tower literature stand

Media 13 Tower portable A5 and A4 brochure dispensers with literature.Media 13 Tower portable A4 and A5 brochure dispenser side view.Media Tower 13 Brochure Dispensers for A4 and A5 Brochures

being discontinued available while stocks last

Media 13 Tower portable brochure dispensers have 8 x A5 and 5 x A4  portrait style brochure holders.

Chic styling, featuring chrome baskets and a sleek lightweight aluminium frame. 

Media 13 portable brochure dispensers separate into 2 sections and  flat pack into a soft padded carry bag for easy transit.

Unit dimensions assembled: 1390 x 360 x 310mm, weight approximately 4.6kg including carry bag.

Available in chrome silver only.

Normal delivery within 2-3 working days.

Media Towers are a stunning selection of portable brochure dispensers and brochure racks in a choice of flat pack or semi permanent styles. Options to hold A4, A5 or DL portrait style brochure in the range. Most systems are supplied in a carry bag or a carry case. Brochure dispensers are an essential addition to every exhibition and display stand.

Setting up a Media Tower brochure dispenser

The following guide shows how to setup a Media Tower 10 A4 Brochure Dispenser which is not much different to a Media 13.

Media tower brochure dispensers are supplied with a padded carry bag.

Complete kit includes :Media tower A5 and A4 brochure dispenser folded flat & zip up padded carry bag.

Setting up the brochure dispensers - picture shows Media 10 Tower for A4 brochures.

Place the Brochure dispenser on the floor and open up the 'A' frame and lock the folding foot into place.

No tools are needed to setup the Media Tower brochure dispensers. 

The top section of the brochure dispenser slots into place.

Media 13 Tower portable A5 and A4 brochure dispensers with literature.Media 13 Tower brochure dispenser combines 8 x A5 brochure dispensers and 5 x A4 brochure dispensers.

You may now add A4 and A5 brochures to the baskets of the brochure dispenser.


For more information on Media Tower 13 A4 and A5 brochure dispensers please call 01908 465501 

Take a look at our other portable brochure stands. Portable brochure dispensers are essential for displaying your brochures at exhibitions or showrooms and they look great when combined with, portable banner displays, pop up displays and exhibition counters.

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