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Magnetic tape is used to hang graphic panels onto magnetic pop-up display systems.Magnetic Tape for Popup Displays

Expo Prestige Magnetic Tape
Flexible loop-nylon or printed graphic panels are attached to the Prestige pop-up display using magnetic tape applied to the back of the panel and magnetic struts which clip onto the frame. The magnetic polarity force of both struts and tape is far greater on Expo Prestige compared to that of other systems. The magnetic tape has been especially produced this way as the strength of polarity holding the panels to the frame is of utmost importance.

Expo magnetic tape must only be used on the Expo Prestige pop up display due to matching polarity.

To meet the target of a perfect looking display, magnetic strips We supply magnetic tape, pvc panels and fixing kits for all the leading pop up displays. are applied to all four edges of the panel and line up perfectly creating a seamless effect. The magnetic struts of Prestige are manufactured with a plastic clip to attach them to the frame easily and securely. The precise engineering of the Expo Hubs and the way in which the strut connects to them gives the frame maximum stability in all directions. The struts do not have any sharp edges or ends to break and avoid injury to the users hands. For the semi-circular endcap panels, unique u-shaped magnetic struts are used to hold the panel in place. Endcap panels on pop-up systems which use hangers are held on by hooks and with the lack of polarity in the magnetic tape may fall off if disturbed.

We can also supply you with magnetic tape, kickers and hangers and pvc panels for nomadic pop up displays, ultima display systems, nimlok popup stands, supremacy, elite, evolution, quick and plex display popups. Mounting clips and rubber bands are also available for Expofix and Expostar pop up display stands, nomadic instand and other pop up displays and booths.

Don't worry if you are not sure what type of portable exhibition stand you have or which type of mag tape you need, we can help.
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