Loop nylon display stands

The following examples of stands we have produced, show the visual impact of mixing velcro compatible panels with printed graphics, giving the flexibility of attaching existing panels or small products to the panels themselves. This can be extremely cost effective for content interchangeability, from one venue to the next, particularly if constantly changing small elements.


Popup display loop panels

Loop nylon pop up displays

Pop-up display system with graphic panels along the top row of quads and double drop loop nylon panels below. Loop-nylon drum conversion panels and the portable counter with graphic panels.

Prestige modular panels

Loop nylon popup system

Pop up stand mixing graphic and loop nylon panels. Notice the flat showcase in the center of the system and the endcap showcases at each end.

popup booth fabric panels

Loop nylon popup stand

An'L' shaped popup stand mixing loop-nylon and graphic panels, with showcases for product presentation.



Counterfix with loop nylon panels

Loop nylon counters

Counterfix 2x2 curved portable counter with loop nylon panels and beech topplates.

Bannerfix loop nylon banner stand

Loop nylon banner stands

Bannerfix portable banners system linked with loop nylon fabric banners. Printed Foamex boards or posters can be attached to panel using velcro tabs.

omega fabric

Fabric Rollup stand

This new fabric roller bannerstand uses velcro compatible fabric loop nylon panel.

prestige popup with loop nylon panels

Loop nylon 3x3 pop up system

3x3 curved popup display with full length loop nylon panel fronts and printed graphic endcap panels.



loop nylon table top kit.

Loop nylon table top pop up display

An alternative to the traditional folding table top kit is this popup table top kit also available with printed graphics. Example shows a 1x1 curved popup system.

Prestige modular exhibition stand with loop nylon panels

Loop nylon modular exhibition stands

Loop nylon fabric panels used with a pop-up exhibition stand. The endcaps in this example are translucent graphic panels back lit using Expo Flash lighting fixtures.

loop nylon drum conversion

Loop nylon drum wraps

Expo drum on castors conversion, with loop-nylon panel covering

Loop nylon colour chart

Loop nylon swatch

Click on the loop nylon swatch card above and choose a colour for your portable display panels.

Folding panel kit

Folding panel portable exhibition kit

Expo folding display stands are supplied pre hinged for ease of assembly. The boards have a robust pvc frame and are covered in Velcro friendly fabric loop nylon to both sides of the boards. This type of display stand is perfect for indoor shows, events and small exhibitions.


We also produce front runner panels for popup displays and counters

and Printed graphic panels for pop up portable display systems

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