These colours are intended to be a guide to the range of standard loop nylon colours available. It is difficult to represent material colours within a web pallet, and each screen will view them differently. We also produce front runner panels for pop-up displays only and luxury foam backed loop nylon display panels for folding display kits and panel and pole stands.

Fabric loop nylon colour chart

loop nylon colour swatch

While every effort to maintain colour matches is made, shades may vary from one batch to another and an exact colour match to the shades shown cannot be guaranteed.

Our loop nylon products are flame retardant and conform to the most up-to-date relevant British Standard. BS5867 Part 2

Loop nylon panels are available for all types of portable popup displays including, Promofix, Expostar, Plex display, Skyline, Nomadic, Ultima displays, Easy, Nimlock, Zoom, Veloce, Marler Hayley, Clip, Supremacy, Elite, Evolution, Xpress, Quick, Counter fix counters, I banners, Bannerfix, Rollup Fab, Uno, Genie fabric banner stands and many more.

view examples of display stands with fabric loop nylon panels
our range of loop nylon fabric banner stands
Fabric front runner panels suitable for all popup panel display stands