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Brochure Dispensers and Literature Stands

Brochure Dispensers and Literature Stands


Expo up Classic Chrome

Prestige Expo Up Chrome literature dispensers

These A4 folding brochure stands have a polished chrome base and transparent perspex trays.

Expo up classic

Expo-Up Classic brochure holder

Features a cantilever aluminium frame and A4 acrylic brochure dispensers.


Portable Literature Stands

Portable brochure stands are available in a large number of different designs whether they are A3 literature stands, A4 brochures racks, A5 literature dispensers or A6 clip on leaflet holders, there is now a portable literature holder stand available to suit most exhibitors needs. Brochure stands are not just for exhibitions, many of our clients stand brochure dispensers at reception desks or in the office. The following literature racks are great for indoor exhibiting and some of our clients use them for outdoor exhibiting although we cannot recommend all of them for outdoor use.

Media Tower portable brochure racks

Media Towers are a stunning selection of portable literature stands and brochure racks in a choice of flat pack or semi permanent styles. Options to hold A4, A5 or DL portrait style literature in the range. Most media tower brochure dispensers are supplied in a carry bag.

Media 5 Tower

Media 5 Tower portable literature rack

ideal for A4 brochures.

Media 6 Tower

Media 6 Tower portable brochure display

folds flat with 6 x A4 brochure holders.

Media 13 Tower

Media 13 Tower portable brochure dispensers

for A4 and A5 documents.

Media Tower 16

Media 16 Tower portable literature

dispensers for A5 brochures.

Media 17 tower

Media 17 portable brochure racks

for DL and A4 brochures.

Media 24 Tower

Media 24 portable brochure stands

for DL brochures.


Other flat-pack brochure stands and literature displays and Designer literature racks

10 Up Standard

10-Up Standard literature holder

For A4 documents.

10-up Deluxe

10Up Deluxe portable brochure rack

10 pockets for A4 leaflets and brochures.

Media 10 tower

Media 10 portable literature display

For A4 literature.

Victory brochure stand

Victory portable brochure stands

5 pockets for A4 brochures.


Wave portable brochure racks

10 pockets for A4 brochures.


Slope portable brochure dispensers

3 pockets for dispensing A4 brochures.


Compact folding literature stands


Illusion A4 folding literature dispensers

Portable folding brochure holders.


Expression A4 portable cantilever literature stand

For A4 brochures and literature.

Illusion A3

Illusion A3 folding brochure stands

Portable cantilever brochure stands.


Victory portable brochure stands

5 pockets for A4 brochures.


Rollup leaflet dispensers and Eco Friendly

Xanadu 4

Xanadu 4 pocket portable literature stand

4 pockets for A4 brochures.

Xanadu 8

Xanadu 8 pocket portable brochure rack

8 pockets for A4 leaflets and brochures.

Planet Info

Planet Info 4

Eco Friendly dispenser

Planet Info 8

Planet Info 8

Bamboo Eco Friendly presenter.

Planet Info Z

Planet Info Z

Natural wood folding system



Environmentally friendly


Zedup Lite folding literature dispensers and Standard folding brochure dispensers


Zedup lite A4

Zedup Lite Portrait

collapsible A4 portable brochure racks

Zedup Lite Landscape

Zedup Lite A4 Landscape

folding literature stand

Zedup Lite A3

Zedup Lite A3 Landscape

folding brochure stand

Zed-up A5

Zed-up A5

collapsable literature dispenser.

Zed up A4

Zed up A4 collapsible portable brochure stands

for A4 brochures

Zedup A3

Zed-up A3

landscape folding brochure racks

Zeduplite A5

Zedup Lite A5

Dual Info

Dual Info

A4 folding literature stand


Aura A4



folding A4 brochure stand

3 Tier

3 Tier

folding Brochure dispenser.

4Tier Chrome

4 Tier

Chrome collapsible Brochure stand


Free-standing Literature Racks and brochure dispensers

The following brochure stands are lightweight but non-folding so they are not so portable as the collapsible literature stands above. These brochure displays are ideal for semi permanent locations for example showrooms shops, hotels etc.


Jazz portable literature rack

3 slanted pockets for A4 literature.


Titan double sided literature holder

semi permanent literature stand for A4 documents can be used outdoors.

Zed 6

Zed 6 leaflet holder

semi permanent leaflet stand for A4 literature which can be used indoors and outdoors


Zen brochure holder

free-standing semi - permanent A4 brochure holder.

Media 5

Media 5 Zee Compact

free-standing A4 brochure display stand.

Media 7

Media 7 Zee free-standing literature rack

for A4 brochures


Vertigo slatwall literature frame

For use with 8 slatwall pockets.

Perspex brochure holder

Perspex brochure holders

A4, A5 and A6 desktop and wall mounted dispensers.

Titan Mini

Titan mini leaflet dispenser

Double sided A4 desktop dispenser.

Mini desktop presenter

Desktop Presenter

View our new mini desktop presenter which combines a folding table top display stand and four A4 leaflet dispensing pockets.

Revolving brochure holder

Revolver floor standing literature dispenser

Rotating brochure stand - 12 x A4 dispensers.

linear lcd post

LCD Literature Post

LCD and literature holder

Observe Lite

Observe Lite

Brochure and poster holder

media couumicator

Media Communicator 4x4

Free-standing literature unit, suited to A3, A4 or A5



Free-standing literature stand for A4 brochures

We also have a wide range of acrylic wall mounted brochure holders and table top dispensers.
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