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Easy Link connecting kit

Easi-Link Kit

Creating a true seamless join with banners has, until now, been almost impossible; the edge to edge magnets used by many systems simply do not work well.
Linking the Eve Twist banner with our Easi-Link Kit allows you to create a seamless image or back wall with the added benefit of being able to use the banner on its own when the need arises; ideal for departmental functions, window displays and conferences. The Easi-Link Kit is used in conjunction with our Fexi-Link system.
Consisting of 3 floating magnetic bars and 2 metal pins the Easi-Link kit maintains a positive join between 2 panels that will not break when knocked or moved around. The Easi-Link kit can be used to join an unlimited amount of panels to create a seamless image.

The picture to the left shows 2 900mm wide Twist banners linked using an Easi-link kit. Picture below shows the 2 single Twist banners disconnected.


2 Twist systems before connecting


Linking the banners

 Each banner will require magnetic tape to be attached to the back of the graphic, running down the side. Simply slide the linking pins into the top and bottom finishing strips of one banner, then join together the next banner as shown in the images. Once in place attach the three floating magnetic bars to the rear of the graphic. Very simple and effective, this process can be duplicated to join as many banners as required and due to the added factor of linking pins can be used on uneven surfaces.

Easy Link Kit

Call for more details on linking Twist banners 01908 465501