Connecting banner stands

Portable banner stands are more often than not used for displaying single stand-alone printed graphic panels only. Some portable banner stands and a few rollup banner stands are able to be used as a double sided panel application. Below you will see examples of linked banner stands to create larger displays.

linked rollup banners

DL PLUS Linked rollup banners

Single rollup banners are connected together with a magnetic linking plate in between the cassettes and a snaplock linking profile between the rails. 2, 3 or more systems can be joined to create a large graphic display.

linked banner systems

Expo Bannerfix linked banner stands

With this type of portable banner stand uses single banners connected together with a linking graphic panel in between. This creates an impressive display although not seamless so it is not recommended to have the artwork going across the banners. The above example shows how 3 banners can be linked using 2 Bannerfix systems.

twist flexi link.

Twist flexi linked banners

The flexi link kits are used to connect multiple Twist banner stands with a flexible graphic to form a controlled curve to any angle you require. The Flexi-link kit can be used again and again to form any number of configurations which can be extremely cost effective from one venue to the next. Easi link kits are also available to join single banners.

uno connected banners.

Uno linked banner displays

Uno banner stands can be connected to form a seamless graphics wall. The banners use a simple linking kit which consists of pairs of horizontal rail joints which connect to the top rails of the banners and magnetic tape along the vertical sides to join the panels in a similar way to popup displays.

Rollup banners joined together

linking rollup banners

Rollup banners cannot be physically connected or linked but the examples above and below show how rollup banners can be stood next to each other and through clever design the artwork can be extended over several displays.

three banner displays


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