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Setting up the Expression portable brochure racks

Expression folding brochure stands are easy to set-up as you can see from this quick guide showing the A4 brochure rack.

Expression literaure rack folded up and carry bag.

Place the literature stand on the floor then take hold of the top tray and lift the unit gently.

Extending the expression cantilever literaure stand.

Extend the unit to its full height.

 When lowering cantilever unit take care not to trap your fingers.

The handle of Expression is rotated to lock and secure the brochure unit into its upright position.


Assembled A4 Expression brochure stand ready for brochures

Six front facing pockets for A4 literature.

To lower the brochure stand unlock the rotating handle and carefully lower the unit taking care not to trap your fingers in the mechanism.


To purchase an Expression stand or any other portable literature dispensers call 01908 465501 


Expression literature stands and other portable brochure dispensers. 

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