Carry cases, drums and bags for exhibitions

Popup Display 'Wheely bin' style' Transit Cases

This type of exhibition carry case, the transit cases also known as 'wheelie drums' and 'wheelie bins, throughout the exhibition industry. The design, which has wheels on the base, is used to house all elements of a pop up system including popup frame, magnetic struts and graphics or fabric panels and sometimes lighting. making the display easy to carry and well protected.

Some wheeled exhibition cases can be converted to a podium, or small plinth using a case to counter conversion kit which normally consists of a wrap around panel and a counter top.


elite popup exhibition transit case

Deluxe Podium Popup Transit Case

Again a very strong case although a bit wider than a Prestige drum making it a larger footprint for counter conversion and more space inside for lighting and accessories which can make it quite heavy. The Deluxe  wheelie bin has a lockable (with keys) removable lid which can be used as a step when setting up your display stand.Case can accept 1 3x4 popup display system including struts, panels and lighting. Weight 13kg approx. Diameter of graphics section 370mm.

Elite case to podium beech panel

Deluxe Case Beech drum wrap conversion

Converts the Deluxe wheeled popup transit case into a podium with a counter top and a beech drum wrap conversion.

Zeus case

Zeus Case conversion with wooden top

Zeus carry drum converts to a plinth with the premium folding wooden top. Case size 960 x 590 x 360mm

Mini Elite Case

Mini Elite

Ideal for transporting pop up frames & graphics.

fabric panel counter conversion kit

Deluxe drum
Fabric Panel Case to Counter Conversion Kit

Illustration shows fabric panel that wraps round the already flat topped Deluxe Podium Popup Transit case and converts it into a podium.  Fabric in colour of your choice on loop nylon, front runner, or prelude.
Wrap dimensions 772 x 1935mm.  Counter top dimensions 675 x 445mm (at widest points).

case to plinth printed graphic panel

Deluxe Case Graphic wrap conversion

Converts the Deluxe wheeled popup transit case into a podium with a counter top and printed graphic panel drum wrap conversion.


zeus case

Z Case to counter conversion

Zeus transit case with wooden top and printed graphic wrap


Mini elite graphic

Mini Elite with graphic

and printed graphic wrap


Standard Wheeled Popup Transit Cases

Elipse case

Elipse Popup Display Case

Strong plastic cases with reinforced corners, foam lined for protection, with wheels and removable divider to separate graphics from popup. Case has 4 butterfly fasteners with a padlock facility  Can fit on the back seat of a car or in a decent sized boot. Case can accept 1 3x4 popup display system including struts and panels. For Accessories see: Elipse Case to Counter Conversion Kit. Wheelie bin includes foam lighting insert for 2 halogen lights and counter top. Weight 9kg approx. Internal height 845mm. 

elipse plus case

Elipse Plus

A Strong and durable, wheeled pop-up case specially designed for safe transportation of pop-up frame, fixings and graphics.

standard eco wheelie bin

Eco Standard Wheelie Bin

Strong plastic cases with reinforced corners, foam lined for protection, with wheels. Optional halogen lighting insert. Can fit on the back seat of a car or in a decent sized boot. Oval or rectangular case to counter conversion kits are available as optional extras. Internal size 900 x 570 x 320mm. Weight 10kg approx.

Elan d drum

Elan d drum wheeled case

Manufactured from tough moulded polyethylene. Lockable (keys supplied) wheeled case to protect transport and store popup systems and magnetic struts. Lid can used as a step. Internal dimensions = 1080mm  x 350mm dia. Weight approx 8kg.

Leonardo drum

Leonardo wheeled case

A strong and durable, wheeled pop-up case for safe transportation of graphics.

Europa case

Moulded Wheeled Popup Carry Drum

A robust moulded popup transit case with ball castors.

elipse case conversion

Elipse Case to Counter Conversion Kit

Converts the Elipse Wheeled Popup Transit Case into a table with a counter top and bottom with a fabric panel or printed wrap.
Wrap dimensions 775 x 1725mm.  Counter top dimensions 660 x 450mm elipse.



elipse plus counter

Elipse Plus Case to Counter Conversion Kit

A With wooden hinged top and wrap around graphic panel


Standard Eco counter conversion

Eco Standard Counter Conversion Kit

Converts the Standard Wheeled Popup Transit Case into a podium with a counter top and a graphic or fabric panel wrap. Oval or rectangular case to counter conversion kits are available as shown.Top dimensions 895 x 495mm elipse. Wrap dimensions 880 x 2275mmTop dimensions 710 x 380mm rectangular. Wrap dimensions 935 x 2080mm


elan cases joined

Elan Case to Counter Conversion Kit

Two Elan cases can be placed together to form a counter top and an optional case conversion wrap is then secured using hook fastener. Wrap dimensions 875 x 2170mm.  Top dimensions 720 x 440mm elipse.


Leonardo counter

Leonardo Counter

Leonardo cases can be joined together to serve as an oval shaped display counter

popup d - drum

Economy Popup D-Drum

Manufactured from light but durable polypropylene. Foam lined base for added protection. Complete with carry handles and wheels for transportation. Internal size 835 x 410 x 370mm. Weight 3kg approx.


Graphics Cases

Semi Rigid Carry Drums and containers suitable for rolled graphic panels

poly drum

Round carry drum

Fabricated lightweight poly drums with side handle suitable for rolled graphic panels and small popup kits.

storage drum

Expo large Storage Drum for graphic panels

Large diameter card storage container for popup display panels and graphics. Ideal for transport fits in hatchback boot or on back seat of car. Internal dimensions from 890mm (h) x 380mm diameter.


Hard graphics cases

rolled graphic case

Graphics case with wheels

Tough stylish moulded polyethylene wheeled case to protect and store graphics. Moulded side and top handles for easier handling. The case has a removable lid with a heavy duty butterfly fastener which can be locked with a padlock. Ideally suited for transporting rolled graphic panels indoors and outdoors.

graphic drum 900

Graphics drum with wheels

Graphic drum 900 is manufactured from tough moulded polyethylene and enables you to transport display graphics up to 900mm wide safely and conveniently

tall graphic case

Large Graphic Case

This versatile, case can be used to easily transport, wider printed graphics. Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and ideal for storage

1100 graphic case

Tall Graphic Drum

Taller graphic drum suitable for wider graphics up to 1100 mm wide


Lighting and accessory cases


lighting case open lighting carry case

Expo lighting case

This is the strongest most durable flight case for all types of display lighting. Superior quality maximum protection foam lined exhibition case, with carry handle, two locks and catches with keys and hinged  lid. Dimensions: 425x670x220mm, weight 2kg approx.

Standard semi rigid lighting case for exhibitions

Standard Universal Spotlight Carry Case

This lightweight tough semi rigid polypropylene accessory case with reinforced corners is ideal for transporting spotlights to your exhibition. It comes complete with carry handles and is foam lined inside with central divider for added protection.

expo autocase open
auto case


Premium quality flight case on castors for magnetic struts, display lighting showcases frames and accessories. Optional foam lined lighting insert, with 3 carry handles for heavy loads, 3 locks and catches with keys and hinged side opening lid. Dimensions: 950 x 450 x 324mm, weight 9kg approx.

spotlight carry bag

Padded Fabric Spotlight Carry Bag

A lightweight padded carry bag with handles for carrying popup display spotlights. These bags are padded to protect the lights. 570 x 180 x 120mm


Banner bags

carry bags for banner stands

Banner Carry bag

This zip-up nylon banner stand carry bag with strong cardboard tube to protect the banners. Internal size 850mm (h) x 150mm diameter. Rollup banner carry bag are also available.

flight case

Transit Case

Suitable for some types of rollup banner stands and accessories.

adjustable graphic panel tube

Adjustable Graphics Tube

Ideal for banner graphics. The telescopic body adjusts to fit a range of graphic sizes

roller banner bag

Rollup Banner Bags

A range of roller banner bags from 600-2000mm wide.



Other carry equipment

fabric round wheelie bin

Wheeled Fabric Round Drum

For transporting popup display systems and graphics. External size: 880 x 430 diameter.

linear case

Linear Case 1140

Tall polyprop case with wheels.

Universal graphics cases

Universal Graphics Carry Cases

Hard reinforced polypropylene carry cases with foam lined faces, handles and shoulder strap. For folding panel systems, graphic panels, foamex boards, lighting and accessories.

fabric square popup case

Wheeled Fabric Square Case

For transporting popup display stands and storing graphic panels. External size: 820 x 380 x 300mm.

linear moulded case

Heavy Duty Moulded Case

For transporting up to 5 banner stands and other equipment.

Universal carry bags

Universal Fabric Carry bags

A range of different padded carry bags with handles full webbing, shoulder straps and zip. For folding panel systems, flat graphic panels and display boards. Banner bags include card tube for panel protection.


We also supply Meteor, Elite, Polar, Vision, Ellipse, Physique, Hop-up, Leon, Picasso, Excel, Eclat, Impact, Linear and Comet transit cases.

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