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PROMOTOR Demo Centre is a round fronted lightweight portable demonstration promotional and in-store sampling counter designed for easy transportation. This re-useable easy to assemble display counter is available in Black or White. Polypropylene is the material used for the body panel incorporating unique "hinges" for easy folding. Vacuum formed super high impact polystyrene tops, bases, Forex headers, powder epoxy coated steel poles complete the product. One piece graphics and company logos can be produced for the front and sides of the body unit and the header. The Demo Centre comes complete with body panel, "rigidtop", base, poles, header and an over the shoulder zipped black nylon carry bag. Corporate Demo Centre's when required in large quantities can be produced in special colours.

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removable header panel

fitting the header panel

Demo Centre

available in black or white

over the shoulder carry bag

compact carry bag

Different colours on large quantities

large quantities can be produced in special colours.

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