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Classic folding counterClassic Folding Counter

CLASSIC PROMOTOR a direct development from the Original folding counter, incorporating new ideas and improvements. "Foot well" shaped bottoms have "top hat" pole recesses for ease of moving the assembled unit, the standard tops or the rigid "stiftop" with its permanently bonded lightweight plaque for extra strength are available with a choice of one, two or no holes. Header panels for Classic, Bonus, Maxi and Mini Promotors have rounded corners and special hollow plastic self-adhesive fixings to the back so fixings are totally invisible from the front. We can supply our standard shape 3mm Forex headers complete or with fixings separate to allow printing direct onto the panels before final assembly; alternatively we can supply fixings only so that you can produce Forex header panels to virtually any shape your client requires. New to this product is our simple to assemble roof k it, formed in 3mm Forex, available in colours from the standard Forex range.

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roof kit

optional roof kit is useful for outdoor events

back view

rear view different options

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