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CHAMPION PROMOTOR, 1160mm high, and 1240mm wide, is the largest member of the Promotor family. This makes it very different from all the other Promotors, having a curved bar shaped, smooth top, and a full size ingeniously designed working surface 250mm below the top. If required an additional work top can be supplied for use as a shelf, providing extra storage space inside Champion Promotor. The body panel, like Classic Promotor, is hinged in two segments to the front and one for either side which allows the body to fold even smaller than Promotor Plus for simplicity and ease of transportation in its own tailor made black nylon carry bag. Champion Promotor has a header made from 3mm Forex with self-adhesive hollow plastic fixings and it reflects the top in its shape.

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Champion Bar

bar front view

showing internal storage

rear view with 1 or 2 shelves

curved header sign

header sign

              ideal for serving food
Curved shape bar

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