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The Promotor Bonus being the height of the champion, 1160mm, and width of the Popular, 840mm with a half depth smooth top and working area at 910mm high. this compact unit is a must for combining the advantages of using Champion and Popular style Promotors. Promotor Bonus uses all the same well proven accessories as the other products in the range, headers, poles, round trays and soft bags and a new style, simple to assemble roof kit, formed in 3mm forex. Because of it's height, separate working presentation levels Bonus is ideal for exhibitions, promotions and receptions where coupon filling, registration details etc. have to be completed. The option of having a window in the top of the front allowing valuable or "untouchable" objects to be displayed is another choice of style and as with all our Promotors, Bonus, complete with all its accessories, can be individually cartonned for ease of handling.

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Product dsiplay window

front view display window

rear view

rear view 1 shelf

with optional roof kit

side view with optional roof kit

bonus promotor <

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