Your questions answered on portable banner stands

Tell me about the Barra rollup banner stand, is it any good?
This is a well proven and established roll up banner stand, what Expo would class as a middle range quality unit. It is of metal construction and has a good history of a strong spring, which is not apparent in the cheaper roll-up units.

I am thinking of purchasing an Image roll up banner stand Imagine is a rollup banner with an easily interchangeable cassette, allowing ease of changing your graphic content. It is of metal construction and has a proven history of a good spring, which is not found in the cheaper roll-ups. Expo Display classes this as an upper class rollup unit. This unit is available either as single or double sided, and the double-sided unit is called the Advance rollup.

The Slide roller banner looks good Very well proven rollup banners stand with an integral pole, making it very user friendly and alleviates the possibility of losing of the pole. The graphic pulls out from the bottom front of the base, meaning you have full graphic exposure and the base is not seen. This is one of the top of the range rollups and is available either single or double sided.

Some advice on purchasing an Expand Quickscreen 3 type of banner. This roll up or pop up Banner system is of extremely high quality, which is reflected in the price and has an interchangeable cassette. It comes in several widths and has a choice of coloured or Silver end pieces. It can be said that there are other very similar units of less cost that are in Expo Displays opinion as good.

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What is the difference between the cost of banner stands? There are many rollup banner stand units available and there is a very distinct difference from the top or the range units to the lower range. For example, the very cheap units have very flimsy internal springs and the actual cases are of very thin aluminium constructions. Some of these units are so flimsy, you could indent the case quite easily with your finger.
The better of the cheaper pop up systems as some people call them, they have much more substantial metal cases but they do have plastic ends. These are fine for fairly regular use.

Why should I go for a more expensive rollup banner unit? You should determine the amount of times per year/month you are going to use the system. It is the banner case and internal springs that determine how much use these units can stand up to and Expo Display are happy to advise you on this and help it fit into your budget.

Why is there so much difference in cost on the internet for rollup banner stands? There are 2 cost elements in a rollup banner, firstly there is the unit/base and there is the graphic. There are many cheap units around and it is as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. However if you are not using the banner in different locations constantly and the units is only going to bet set up and down half a dozen times a years, there it isnt necessary to go for one of the more expensive rollup units. The other element to the rollup banner is the graphic. There are many different quality medias to print on. The cheap banners are purely printed onto paper, these graphics curl, rip and stretch, and you will find your very modest payment for this will be as good as throwing money into the bin.
With over 25 years of experience in the exhibition industry, for supplying only quality portable display stands, I give my knowledge and advice to you. It is difficult to know exactly what you are buying with so much choice on the market. But be aware there are some very poorly constructed stands out there.
To help you from the start, please find following our advice based upon our vast experience in the exhibition industry

Rollup Exhibition Banner stands

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Determine your use and where you are going to use the stands, e.g. Exhibition, Conference, Shopping Mall Promotions, Trade show, Conference, training event, Seminar or even Point of sale or food/beverage sampling.
We have advice on Indoor or Outdoor Bannerstands, as they are obviously different in their construction.
There are rollup banner stands, tension banner stands or Outdoor Banner Stands and Outdoor Banner flags.

banner stands are not suitable for outdoor use, they will not stand up to weather nor will the graphics.
Graphics for outdoor banners are printed onto different material and use different inks.

The rollup banner stand is the most simple to set up than the tension banners. Also the tensioned banners take longer to set up and have more components so more chance of loss of parts.

Can Expo help with my banner design? Often the best looking banner stands are the simple designs. Using your company logo and website address, a few bullet points and solid colours is all you need to stand out and be remembered. We can offer a layout graphic design service from elements supplied by yourself. We will put the banner design together to your required layout at an hourly rate which we can estimate when elements have been supplied to us. We do not provide an initial graphic design concept but we have designers totally independent from ourselves who we can recommend

Where is the best place to situate my banner stand? The banner ideally should be in a high traffic area and visible to as many people as possible. Banners are seen everyday strategically placed in front of entrances, at meeting places, information points, outside bars and restaurants.

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Can Expo display design my banner display? Expo do not really get involved with the graphic design work but can recommend several good banner designers.

I have found a portable exhibition supplier on the internet selling very cheap banner stands, are they any good? The quality of your banner display is one of the most important things to consider before purchasing. Cheap prices often means low quality.

Can I buy a banner system from Expo Display and get my banner printed at a local printers? Yes you can purchase the systems only but go careful when choosing a printer. The last thing you want is a poor quality banner.

The colour of my printed banner panel does not match my business card? Colours on your business cards or glossy brochures will not be a perfect match when printed onto large format banners. Compare your business card with a company letterhead or brochure and you will notice the difference.

Can I use my banner stand outside? Please see our selection of outdoor banner displays.

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