Advice on exhibiting - Part 1

(I’ve been doing it since 1985 – maybe if I had worn more sensible shoes, I wouldn’t be suffering with bunions now – but that’s another story – mustn’t waffle)
Choose the right exhibition stand space – Location is paramount
(I know budget is as well).

When choosing your space it is so important to ascertain the flow of visitors, after all you don’t want to be missed. Beware of ‘dead’ areas, this can happen when there is a big activity feature to one side of the hall attracting visitors. A good place is by the eating/drinking areas where visitors stop for a while (and sometimes exhibitors!).
Check for building obstructions, pillars, stairwells etc. Always ensure your stand is well lit, do not rely on the existing hall lighting.
Check what Companies are exhibiting around you. Will they conflict with your service or products. A good location is at the end of a row, then you can have two sides open ensuring maximum visibility to your stand and for you to grab your unsuspecting potential client.
Bear in mind that if you are in the centre of a row, you have to be quick to catch the visitor walking past. If you prefer to be in an open space rather than within a shell scheme, please remember not every venue is carpeted so you will be responsible for this and if electrics are required you may need a platform to be built on your area. Please ensure you check this. Great, now go on to the next step.


You have now selected the best location for your exhibition stand (and of course your budget). What are you going to put onto the stand?
Exhibiting needn’t be expensive, remember with your initial outlay for right product, you can use it again and again.
What are you selling? Product or Service? Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they must exhibit everything they can supply, this can be a very big mistake, the stand looks messy and the few seconds you have to attract the potential client could cause them just to be confused.
You know what it is that sets you apart from your competitors, so push this message across. If your message is strong enough your potential clients will want to know more.
Remember a picture speaks a thousand words and it is the first thing people look at on an exhibition stand, so if you have lots of products, show them in the picture.
Do you need to display leaflets? Do you need a counter to present your portfolio, take names etc.? Do you need power points for lighting, computers etc.?
Ensure you book these early or you could end up with a late booking penalty. Check all of this in your Exhibitor’s Manual.

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