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Advance roller banner stand with removable graphic panel cassette.Advance cassette roll-up banner stand

with interchangeable cassettes

sorry this unit is out of stock until further notice.
We still supply cartridges and replacement graphics

The Advance pullup banner is available as a single or double-sided banner stand, with a deeper footprint for better stability. The main feature of the Advance rollup banner is the interchangeable roller graphics cassette.

These removable cassettes allow quick and easy change of graphics by the user without the need for any special skills or tools.

The panel is hung using a 3 part bungee pole which tucks away into the base of the unit when not in use. Twin versions need no extra graphic support parts

Advance roller banner stands are approximately 2.2 meters tall and are available in 4 different widths of graphic panel which are 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.

Weight approx 8.5kg for the 800mm version.

All Advance rollup banners come complete with durable zip-up carry bags.

The new cassette with different graphic panel is placed into the banner stand before closing the cover. Open the case of the rollup banner to change the cartridge.What are interchangeable cassette roller banner stands?
The Advance rollup banner features an interchangeable graphic panel cassette. Different graphic panels are simply stored within their own cassette ready for use when the user needs to change their message. Cartridge or cassette roller banner stands combine the simplicity of a roll up banner with the flexibility of instant graphics changes.

How to setup the Advance banner stand?
Easy take the system from the bag and remove the 3 part bungee pole set from the base. Stand the base of the banner on level ground then assemble the pole and insert into the base. Extend the printed graphic by lifting the top rail until the complete image is visible. Secure the banner into position by locating the slot in the top rail with the bungee pole.

Setting up the Advance rollup banner stand with interchangeable cassette.


New Advance Banner

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