Pole banners

Expo Displays "tension" style pole banner stands are developed to fit a variety of display needs. The banner stands are simple and fast to use. Once you have your banner stand you can simply purchase replacement graphics from us which can be easily changed by anyone. The following pole banner stands offer the option of fabric panels or printed graphics.



Stealth is a linkable, modular banner system designed to create seamless graphic displays, providing an easy-to-use and highly portable backdrop for all types of presentations, retail or exhibition application.


Expo Bannerfix® Duo Banner stands

This free-standing portable banner stand manufactured by Expo Display Service is available with single or double-sided graphic panel application. Bannerfix duo is the most versatile banner stand for exhibitions on the market.


I - Banner stand

Unbeatable value for money. The single-sided portable I-Banners are the ultimate in lightweight, low-cost banner presentation. The stylish spring back design works well for any indoor presentation. Our range of I-Banners are a classic spring back system.

Uno banner stand

Uno Telescopic Banner Stand

Single or double sided banner stand with telescopic pole for variable height banner presentation. Uno banner stands are available in 2 different widths with option of linking banner systems together using magnetic tape to create seamless backdrops.


XB2 and XB3 X-Banner stand

Lightweight single graphic XB banners are ideal for small indoor promotions and events. The printed panel attaches using eyelets.


Twist Static Banner stand

Single or double sided Twist banners with optional add-ons such as monitor brackets, leaflet dispensers, additional lighting and laptop shelf. Optional flexible linking kits to connect the banners together to form a seamless graphic display which can be bent to form almost any shape.

Vortex Banner

Vortex X Banner stand

A highly portable 'X' style tension banner, the Vortex is capable of displaying an 1800 x 800mm graphic


Quick Banner stand

A highly portable, versatile and cost effective banner stand the Quick banners are lightweight, very stable and simple to use.

Signal Promoter

Signal Promoter

This display frame is suitable for a variety of substrates and fixings, ideal for all types of promotional and signage applications.

desktop banner small

Desktop Banner

A highy portable Table top banner stand

Planet Bow

Planet Bow

An Eco friendly banner display made from renewable, recyclable natural bamboo.


roll up banner

Telescopic, retractable and roller cassette rollup banner systems use graphic banners which simply retract into the sturdy base for secure transportation. For events and tradeshows in the great outdoors our superb range of outdoor banner systems feature waterproof, fast assembly products and displays. The bases of the banner stands are water filled to withstand moderate winds. Heavy duty graphic panels are attached to the stands using eyelets.

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