Expo Diversity of Clients

What has never ceased to amaze me is the different industries we have supplied over the years, obvious really when you come to think of it! Anyone who has a product/service to sell/promote is applicable to our industry. From large PLC’s to a one man band, this is what makes my job so interesting as you meet all types of people/characters.

This even applies to Governments, whoever is in power, they too have to promote themselves, down to the single MP. The entrepreneur, who is starting for the first time and taking the plunge to splash out for their first promotion or maybe a newly formed small Company with no experience at all in marketing or exhibitions. This initial guidance is so important.

A Bad Salesman Experience

I always remember 4 years ago when I wanted to purchase a certain make of car and I went to the ‘Specialist’ dealer as I didn’t have a clue of the cars capabilities etc. When I went into the showroom and went up to speak to the Car Sales Rep to explain my requirements, all he did was thrust a brochure into my hand and told me to read through it. Consequently, I didn’t purchase a car from them and would never go back there for sure, so I went to another dealer further away, who did take the time to explain the cars different capabilities etc that would be suit my needs and I have been a loyal customer to them ever since, I have to say their sales and after sales service is second to none.

Be Honest and Helpful

That experience is exactly how I have always believed you will make a success of whatever you do. In my industry, it is so important to be able to speak to someone who has the experience of how to promote/present yourself for the first time or event and of how to continue to promote yourself in the current climate. We have had several Companies this year who has exhibited for the first time and it is so satisfying to receive their feedback of a successful event and one never gets fed up of the compliments either, it makes it all worthwhile.

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