Pam Bryant, M.D. of Expo Display Service Limited Milton Keynes has sold Expo Display Systems since 1989, and has been in the exhibition industry since 1985.

During the recession in 1993, when many companies including graphic production companies went into receivership, Pam too was made redundant.

The UK distributor at that time for Expo Products from Switzerland were based in London and was primarily a graphic production Company, who had set up Expo Portable Displays Limited as a separate company in 1989 when they became the UK Distributor. Until 1993 Pam was employed as Sales Advisor of Expo for the Midlands area and sales were good. However, the parent Graphic Company in London went into liquidation, taking Expo down as well and Pam became one of Major’s Millions at that time. The phone call to tell her that she was being made redundant was on August Bank Holiday Friday.

Expo Switzerland, the Manufacturer’s M.D. Ole Petersen faxed her that evening to ask what she thought they should do, as they had never experienced a Company going under on them before and exporting to the UK was still relatively new for them. Of course, Expo in the had so many key clients from the past 3 years, it was important to maintain a presence here in the and to be able to provide service to them.

Ole then asked Pam if she would set up a UK Company and they would be shareholders to show that they had faith in her. Always ready for a challenge, she formed Expo Display in the and is still here 18 years later. The problem Pam had when starting out at that time, was she had no database of the Expo users from the London Office because when the assets of the Company in London was sold, so was the computer with all of the existing Expo Clients on. However, over the years, through advertising and word of mouth, some clients were able to find their new supplier. Since that time to the current day, Pam has been totally dedicated to building her business and servicing her long standing clients.

Outside of Expo, Pam has always maintained close contact with her family in Bristol. Pam and her husband has recently purchased a 1973 Type 2 VW Bay window Camper, which is great fun, they only bought it last year at the Vanfest in Malvern, where they were advised is the best place to look as you have a brilliant choice of campers for sale, and have since gone for weekends to the coast and have attended a couple the VW festivals. The Van has just flown through its M.O.T. but it did need a new wiper blade and headlamp bulb! But that’s another story!!

Written by Pam Bryant - managing director of Expo Display Service Limited.

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