Advice on exhibiting - Part 3

Have all your staff involved with the exhibition, go through a trial run of the stand set-up, think of everything you will need. Sales Enquiry Forms (even though you may use Scanners) make notes yourself, to remind you after the show what exactly you discussed (my memory I know is getting worse), business cards, literature, pens, paper, staplers with spare staples, sellotape, Velcro, spare light bulbs, scissors, extension lead, petty cash, exhibitor’s passes, car passes, charger for mobile phone, promotional hand-outs, promotional clothing. (some foot soothing lotion and maybe backache tablets as well)!!


The show opens, you now have the chance to speak to more people over the day or days of the event face to face than you will in the next month or months (Brill) – don’t miss out.
Too many people take an exhibition as a jolly to get out of the office for a few days (done that and regretted it having a hangover the next day), ok have a laugh with the people on the next stand but you are there to sell, be friendly but still professional. You need the leads, that is why you are there.
Be sure not to intimidate a potential client, but don’t be nonchalant either.
A friendly smile is the best opening, find out the interest in what the ‘unknown potential client’ came to the show looking for.
This way you won’t waste their time or yours. Now you have a potential client, open ended questions will get your potential clients talking. If they already have a product or service like you are selling, why are they changing? You should now know how you can turn this into a sale for you. Or if they haven’t this product/service already have they seen anything so far that they like, if you know your competition, again this should be a sale for you. (I love this part of an exhibition – I love it even more when my competitors are there!)


Back in the office - make sure you contact all your potential customers no more than five days after the exhibition. This is when you will see how good your Enquiry Form detail was when you initially made contact at the exhibition.
Be prepared for ‘which stand were you on’, again this will tell how good an impression your Company and stand made. Remember not all enquiries from the show are immediate, it could be 10months down the line, be sure to make contact then.

Good luck, be successful!
I personally have 18 years experience in the exhibition industry and a 24 hour telephone assistance line for our Clients, we are there if ever you need us

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