Advice on exhibiting - Part 2

This is your sales tool for at least the next ten years, it must be as flexible as it can be. Your budgets may change from year to year (you know what I mean, sometimes more sometimes less – sometimes none at all), thus determining your exhibition spend.
Ensure your system is modular to increase or decrease in size when needed (you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole).
Is the supplier you are going to been around for long? Is the system you are buying been around long? You do not want to make the mistake of buying something that will be obsolete in the near future (it happens!).
I am proud to say, I have been selling Expo products since 1989 and they are still going strong (not so good for me in sales though!). But the systems have grown in flexibility and accessories, but like me, the basic structure hasn’t changed (I just look older!), therefore client’s are still using the original kit and if they lose a part, it is still available (don’t cut back on quality, you get what you pay for and you don’t want to be buying another new one next year). What does your supplier offer, are they a middle man or the manufacturer, do you need the facility of European assistance? So many Companies come and go – that’s not good for you (it is for me!).
Ask these questions. So, you have now found a good supplier (Expo please!) that can fulfil your requirements. Bear in mind the following: ease of transportation, is the system within weight regulations for health and safety.
It’s no good having one container on wheels if it is going to injure you or your staff lifting it. It is far better to have a few lighter cases (remember how tired your feet are going to be after the exhibition!). Most of them are on wheels, so maybe they can help you along after the show!.


So now you have your Stand selected – what are you going to put onto it? Do you already have an Agency for your graphic design, maybe they designed your brochures? If not, is your stand supplier able to help or recommend? Are they happy to work with your existing Agency.
Remember, the graphics are an expensive item, protect them in applicable transportation cases.
If you don’t look after them – and I’ve seen some badly cared for ones in my time, you are going to look so tacky to potential client’s and it will all be a waste of time. Remember this also: How are you going to look to your competitors? Are you going to look so good it will not only undermine their confidence, it will increase confidence in your potential customers.

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